About Barefoot & Braids

The inspiration for my jewelry happened by pure accident. My husband and I enjoy travelling to a little island called "Hornby Island." If you are coming from Vancouver, you will need to take 3 ferries to get there. It is a little oasis that is commonly referred to as the "Little Hawaii" of Canada due to the white sandy beaches & clear waters at Tribune Bay & Whaling Station Bay.
We decided to go beachcombing one evening along a beach across from our cabin. We were specifically searching for eagle feathers when something caught my eye....a beautiful piece of frosted lavender sea glass. It was captivating! Where did this little treasure come from? How long has it been tumbling around? How many more pieces can we find? We combed the beach for a few hours and came back to our cabin with pocket fulls of sea glass in all sorts of amazing colours and shapes. 

And so it began! All my creations are thoughtfully designed and one of a kind. I am happy to create custom orders with stamped pendants, your choice of sea glass and preferred metals. Feel free to email me with any questions or orders. Happy Shopping!

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