When looking for rare colors, most beachcombers often miss what is right under their feet. Amongst the beach pebbles and timeworn seashells are hidden gems that are extremely rare & centuries old. Amazing and historical clues are resting on the beach just waiting to be discovered! One of them is....black sea glass! One of the rarest colors a collector can discover. 

Black seaglass is actually not black. When you hold it up to a light source, you will see a deep olive green, amber or, on rare occasions....teal or blue and the rarest...red or purple!  

You can typically tell the age of sea glass by the thickness and amount of bubbles or frost it has. If it is very thick and has a good amount of bubbles/frost, it may date from the early 1700's to 1800's. Seriously...how cool is that?! If only these pieces could talk! 

I have found many pieces of black seaglass along the shores of Vancouver Island. It is out there, get out there and look!