Finding Seaglass

I have so many people ask me how I can find so much seaglass in spots where others can't seem to find a single piece. Here are a few tips for your next search.


  1. Avoid beaches with sharped edged rocks, you will find sharped edged seaglass. Find beaches with smooth smaller pebbles and a good mix of seashells.
  2. Find beaches in populate areas & coved.
  3. You will find more seaglass higher up the beach, near the driftwood. It is generally very light and travels higher up the beach.
  4. Take a look around, you will notice a high density of rocks and shells tucked under the driftwood logs. Sift through those areas, you will find more treasures there.
  5. When you find a piece of seaglass, you will generally find more in that immediate area. Do not be afraid to dig and sift through that area, where you find one piece, you'll find more!
  6. Go out after a storm! Stormy seas toss up beautiful pieces.
  7. True seaglass is not translucent nor does it have sharp edges. Vintage seaglass has been tumbling around the ocean waves for years and decades, this is what gives it that frosty look with smooth, round edges. If you find sharp glass, remove it from the beach or toss it back in.
  8. Do not give up! The more you look for seaglass, the more your eyes and mind will be trained to find it. You will notice how dark olive green seaglass (pirate glass) looks like black rocks or how frosty white seaglass can look like shells. Eventually you will notice, I promise!

Happy treasure hunting! It is my favourite thing to do :)

Angela ~ Barefoot & Braids  . Vancouver Island